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Online Mini- Store for EADS/Cassidian Radios

Most Parts inside this Paypal Shop are basic Parts to get your Cassidian Radios Terminal run respectively get it on on Air .Next is Configuration Services as like Firmware Upgrades of all available Cassidian Radio Terminals. Or just change of Language for yo ur THR880i, THR9i, TH1n, TMR880i device and get it back as before.

How to buy the Product

Visit the “Shop” . Add the Product to the Basket. Then Checkout over the Cart and pay by Paypal or Paypal Plus – Credit Card . No Transport Costs inside Europe.

Transport with Track No.

After Payment the Items inside this Webshop are sent in 24 Hours and arrive in next 72 Hours by Express Delivery.


The Prices inside this Shop are Warehouse Prices. All Items are on Stock. Payment has to be done by Paypal or Credit Card. For higher Amounts send a E-Mail to get a Quote. Delivery Time at Cassidian is in general 6-8 weeks, with a maximum of 12 weeks after Payment.So just ask before or Skype Name: tetraterminal

Delivery Time

Cassidian & Distributors do not have Items on Stock. Some Radio Terminals are available but Accessory is very weak filled up on theirs Warehouses Because the “Cassidian / Airbus / EADS” as Manufacturer drive a “produce by order strategy”. General Delivery Time is 6-8 weeks with a maximum of 12 weeks. Compared to the other big Players as like Sepura or Motorola or Hytera deliver inside 3 – 14-days. In Germany most of the Radio Market is under Control of Sepura and Motorola wheras the BOS Infrastructure and Access Network is built by Airbus.

Why choose Airbus Radio Terminals ?

Cassidian Radio Terminals are expensive but of high Quality. Together with ongoing Firmware Development and Opportunities for the End User these Radio Terminals can be recommended because of unique Features. Based on the Nokia Origin. the company Airbus always needs lot of Years to bring new Devices on the german Market to be buyable. The Competitors reacts faster to Users and market. After payment you need to buy several licensed features at the Market Players. Compared to Cassidian which has only very few Licensed Features as like DMO Repeater.

Whats inside the Firmware beneath the Operation System ?

The Firmware offers a PEI Interface “AT Interface Command Set” and opportunity to run small Java Applications on the Cassidian Radio Terminals. The Radio Terminals are very famous in Finland, France, Belgium, Saudia Arab, Denmark, Spain and and many countires around the world. More Details from Cassidian as f.ex. User Guides can be found here

Get Support

Me and my Coders have lot of Experience with the Cassidian Radio Terminals. The Focus is on Cassidian Radio Terminals Selling, but also Service for the Radios and Software Development. For small Questions the answer will be free. For Technical Support and consulting you will get a Quote. For Questions related to our Apllications any Question is welcome. Have fun studying … and all the best with your Cassidian Radio Terminals.

Your Questions regarding LAN-SDS Software or the Radio Configuration are welcome.

Configuration Service

Buy 30 Day Subscriptions for Remote Configuration Service: to use TPT / ITSI Tool (210 EUR) or alternatively use TAQTO (300 EUR).Or Price per Hour: 25 EUR. Initial Installation takes max. 1 Hour = 25 EUR Send Requests for Configuration Service to and Paypal Payments to Instructions and Credentials will be sent after Payment.


Use our SDS AT Commands Applications as like LAN-SDS, worldSDS or worldSDS Android App. Can be used with TEA1 and TEA2, TEA3 in DMO and TMO. Use it isolated or worldwide.


Rent up to 25 THR880i Radio Terminals for Events and offer secure Communications and Channels: Pre Configured with DMO Amateur / HAM Frequencies with three DMO Groups for immediate run. Price per Radio