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Buy Cassidian Radio Terminals, Configuration-, Data Cables, Audio Headsets and Radio Terminal Services now. Delivery after payment inside 72 Hours.

Online Mini- Store for EADS/Cassidian Radios

Most Parts inside this Paypal Shop are basic Parts to get your Cassidian Radios Terminal on on Air. Or buy Configuration Services as like Firmware Upgrade or Language Change for THR880i, THR9i, TH1n, TMR880i.

How to buy the Product

Visit the “Shop” . Add the Product to the Basket. Then Checkout over the Cart and pay by Paypal or Paypal Plus – Credit Card . No Transport Costs inside Europe Area.

Transport with Track No.

After Payment the Items inside this Webshop are sent in 24 Hours and arrive in next 72 Hours by Express Delivery.


All Items on this Page are on our own Stock. Payment has to be done by Paypal or Credit Card via Paypal Plus or by Bank Transfer upfront.

Delivery Time

Cassidian & Distributors do not have Items on Stock. Low Radio TerminalsStock Level is available but Accessory is not on Stock with every Product . Why ? Because “Cassidian / Airbus drive a “produce by order strategy” Delivery Time is 6-8 weeks. Guaranrteed Delivery Time according to theirs Terms and Conditions is 12 weeks (90 days)

Why choose Airbus Radio Terminals ?

Cassidian Radio Terminals are expensive but of high Quality. Together with ongoing Firmware Development these Radio Terminals can be recommended but The Competitors reacts faster to Users / Market that is why in germany the Handhelds with Police and Rescue is not in Airbus Hands. .

Get Support: Help yourself with your Cassidian Radio Terminal Parameters

Configuration Service

Buy One Month Days Subscription for Help yourself. Change the Parameters by yourself. Use the Remote Configuration Service: Use Tetra Programming Tool and / or ITSI Tool:

60 Min: :25 EUR, 7 Days: 140 EUR 30 Days: 250 EUR or instead use TAQTO Tool ( same Pricing )

Send Requests for Configuration Service to Payments have to be done by Paypal to Credentials will be sent after Payment. Its always best to send a short E-Mail upfront ( Which Radio Terminal is requested and which Software Level is on the device Check it by entering #0000#


Rent up to 20 THR880i Radio Terminals for Events and offer secure Communications and Channels: These Radios are preconfigured with DMO Amateur / HAM Frequencies with three DMO Groups for immediate run. Run your own Events and have secure Communication amongst you.

Setup of the worlwide usable Application can be adapted / run less than in 10 Minutes. All I need is ONE EADS RADIO TERMINAL – connected by data Cable to PC and PiraCom Application running. If that is working you can see AT Commands on your Putty Terminal. And that is the point where you can call me. World SDS as Web version or WorldSDS as Android App can then be setup on your side within 10 Minutes. All I need to know is a) Ip Adress of PC and TCP Port Number of PiraCom which then a individual Software Server Package can be created. For the Use of LAN-SDS no Information is needed. And with all of our Applications. Everything runs on your side. 100 % safety and 100 % Control as you can see every AT Command which is executed through the Application via Putty Terminal ( TCP Raw)


Use our SDS AT Commands Applications as like LAN-SDS, worldSDS or worldSDS Android App. Can be used with TEA1 and TEA2, TEA3 in DMO and TMO. Use it isolated or worldwide.

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