You can buy Radios, Configuration-, Data Cables, Audio Headsets and other Services

Online Mini- Store for EADS/Cassidian Radios

Most Parts are Basic Products to get your Cassidian Radios Terminals on Air . You can buy other Services, too as like

  • Firmware Upgrades or Language Pack Reflashing Service for THR880i, THR9i, TH1n, TMR880i or request TEA Level Change with TGR990
  • Rent ETELM Base Station for an Event and get pre configured TETRA Radio Terminals as like THR880i and THR9i and TH1n for immediate run. Use it on Events or for private. Amateur Frequency is used.

How to buy the Product

Visit the the “Shop” Open the Product. Add it to Basket. Then Checkout over the Cart and pay by Paypal or Credit Card. Bank Transfer needs interaction of the Administrator because manual Invoice creation is needed.

Transport with Track No.

After Payment the Items are sent in 24 Hours.


The Prices inside this Shop are Warehouse Prices. Make the payment by Paypal or Credit Card.

Cassidian & Distributors do not have Warehouses filled up. Why ? They drive a produce by order strategy and low warehouse strategy. For bigger Amounts Cassidian delivers in general 4-8 Weeks with a maxium waiting time of of 12 weeks according to theirs Terms and Conditions. That is why you find here a low stock of most urgent Parts to get started.

Memberships – Hourly or Monthly

Buy Subscriptions Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions for

  • Configuration : TPT / ITSI Tool or TAQTO

Applications: Every of our SDS AT Commands Applications as like worldSDS or Android Test Lab: AT Commands Testing in TMO in Cassidian Infrastucture. Test inside same SW Level as Police Network .


Rent Radio Terminals for Events and secure Communications: 25 EUR / Day. Of course pre Configured for immediate run on DMO Amateur Frequency.