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Basic Configuration SW: TPT & ITSI Tool

To operate and make Push to Talk Call with a Tetra Radio Terminal the first Time some Configuration work is needed.

Radio Terminal Parametering. First Step is ISSI Number Configuration which is done by ITSI Tool Parameters are: MNC, MCC ISSI

Second Step is Configuration of all other Radio Terminal Parameters : This done by Tetra Programming Tool respectively follow up Tool TAQTO. The Minimum Configuration to make a Group Call in DMO is: Configure the ISSI Number with ITSI Tool and with TPT configure the MHz Range in “Band Info- Window as well as DMO Channels itself. The Video will show you the Basic Configuration Steps.

Configuration Cables


To configure an Airbus Radio Terminal you mandatory need a  Configuration Cable . Parameter Configuration via Software called TAQTO or Predecessor “Tetra Programming Tool” (TPT). TAQTO Software can be bought inside the Webshop As soon as you have your own Configuration Cable you can immediately configure your Radio Terminal and change some Parameters and Features. .

TPT: Tetra Programming Tool up to SW Level 7.71 Check SW Level on your Radio with *#0000#):
Picture shows Configuration of Band Info and DMO Channels for Voice – Group Call Communication. Do this on all affected Radio Terminals.

Configuration Cables for TPT or TAQTO ( arel available inside this Mini Store – see Modell Number “CA-” then followed by Subnumber XYZ )

  • THR880i or THR9(i): CA-121 (USB) THR880i, THR9, THR9i, THR9EX, TMR880i, TDM880i, TDR880i,
  • TH1N: CA-147 (USB) – TPT / TAQTO
  • DAU-9H CA-122 (USB)
  • TGR990:  GMKN1022  (RS232) – other Configuration Software ( TGR990 discontinued by Cassidian)
  • P8GR:  Standard USB Cable (TAQTO)

Use the Configuration Cable CA-121, CA-122,or CA-147 to configure your EADS Radio Terminal with

  • TETRA Programming Tool (TPT) or ITSI Tool
  • TAQTO Programming Tool

In case you are an Amateur User.  Then use our following Video Guide to Setup the Radio Terminal for DMO Operation

To connect your Radio Terminal to the Software: Config Cable is needed !!!

Please find the Amateur Frequency Master Configuration

TPT/ITSI Tool Time Coupons

You can buy Time for Remote Configuration with Tetra Programming Tool (TPT) Dongle

In general Procedure is:

  • Run Flexihub Software
  • Enter Token for Flexihub
  • Connect DK2 Dongle wait until DK2 Driver is installed virtually on your side
  • Start TPT Installation
  • Then Open TPT ( take up to 90 seconds)
  • Configure FBUS Connection with your CA 121 Config Cable
  • Select scan Product in TPT
  • Then Use the Parameter Windows to configure – load and save the Values.

Memberships TPT/ITSI Tools

Order a Membership*: Always have the Possibility to Configure your Radio Terminal whenever you. You need a Windows PC, a Configuration Cable for your Tetra Radio Terminal and Internet Access. Change Parameters as like DMO Channel & Group Number in DMO, Change MNC, MCC to Amateur / HAM Frequency to use the Cassidian Radio Terminal legal with Industry (TEA1) on Frequency on End of 430 MHz Band.

FREE: Download the TPT Master File for a THR880i. Tested on 7.06 -6 SW.

For Testing this MAsterfile can be copied hard into other Software Levels. For Live Operation ech Parameters / WIndows inside TPT and its Values should be entered and saved manually for every Radio Terminal Type and new SW Releases. But for Testing just clone this FIle into yours and change the MNC, MCC to 901 / 16383. The Radfio Terminal Number (ISSI) should be entered with 7 DIgits. Use the ITSI Tool to change this. Afterwards just reboot your radios. Then try and use the common things as like push to talk to single or group number or send messages. In general you need 2-3 days to do the fine tuning of my masterfiile for your purpose.

  • OFFER 1 – Bundle : TPT&ITSI :Tool for 30 Days 249,50 EUR Access
  • OFFER 2 TAQTO Configuration: 30 Days 299 EUR / Month Access to TAQTO Tool

Group Configuration in DMO / TMO

With some more Effort with static TMO Group Configuration you can get ready for TMO (Infrastucture Mode) in TEA1 410-430 MHz Band  (Civil) the International Amateur Frequency URL1 / URL2 )


Tetra Java Apps help speed up Processes. In Industry Text Messages can be used to trigger other Processes. The Radio Apps can request Databases by exchange Text and Status Messages.

Our own PC Application works as a Auto Responder ISSI: Use one Radio Terminal as a Data Radio Terminal. All other Radios outside now can send Messages to that Radio. Terminal

Let Employees ( with Radio Terminals) request Information over Tetra by themselves . Our Server Application ( = Data Radio Terminal) automatically answers. The SDS Message is sent to the Database asking for the Database Entry and returning an SDS-4 Textmessage to the Requester immediately in less then 2 seconds. This Application is called worldSDS respectively LAN-SDS Full Version.

Price for Data Cable is between 50 and 250 EUR. Price for Picture Application (Sender , Cassidian Radio Terminal which is attached to PC is 59,50 EUR / Month. Java Picture Application for the Cassidian Radio Terminals is free ( Receivers) Copy the Application now via Content Manager Tool. Data Cable needed !!!

  • Data Cable Cable for THR880i:  DLR-3P (RS232)
  • Data Cable Cable for THR9(i): DLR-3P (RS232) or DLR-9U (USB)
  • Data Cable for TH1N: DLR-8U (USB)
  • Data Cable for TMR880i:  DLR-3T (RS232)

Buy a Data Cable iniside the Mini Store (see Products DLR-XY)

  • See AT Commando Flow, and get Access to AT Commands and use our Applications to offer and use SQL-SDS, GPS, Remote SDS, Coloured SDS Status Table

Use Picture App

PICTURE APP – for EADS Radio Terminals

  • More Details on
  • Content Manager Tool ( Transfer Java Applications)
  • Install this Java Application Picture 4 TETRA onto your Airbus Radio Terminal for THR880i, THR9i, TH1N, TMR880i. and receive Pictures or request Data from another Radio Terminal.

Get Access to Member Area: Request Credentials Send your Interest by by E-Mail Visit the one of our virtual machines for exclusive access to connect your Radio on the Virtual Machine to use the Applications or do some Configuration work.

Send a E-Mail to and request a Login. Please describe in short which Cassidian Radio Terminal and which Software Level is on the Device and whether you run in DMO and / or TMO. Thank you.

Firmware Updates

Bring your Radio Terminal to better Feature / SW Level. You can see if you have an old Firmware if the Software Level is less 6.69. Then you probably cannot send Text Messages to a Group in DMO and your Radio Terminals Firmware has not been updated since Years.

THR880i, THR9(i), THR880i, TH1N, TMR880i, TGR990 . Check Firmware Version with *#0000# . Price is 65 EUR per Device. Radio Terminals will be returned with new Firmware after max. three Business Days. Langiuage Change is inclusive inside Firmware Update Price.

Every SW Level bigger as Release 6.69 upwards is the minimum to Use our own Data APplications. Stable.Firmware is SW Version 7.06 in our tests. At present end of SW Level 7 is reached and SW Level 8 will be introduced by Cassidian soon. So we go with the Future of Feature Develeopment whereas there are many Customer which run the SW on their Tested Level for Years.

TEST LAB – Duisburg Industry Tetra Network TEA1

5 Tetra Radios in Use inside “seNet STEAG Essen” TETRA Network in North-Rhine-Westphalia running inside the DXT Core with newest EADS TETRA Infrastructure Software Level.

Come and book the Test Lab Office in Duisburg near the Central Train Station. See Pictures: Office 25m2 with Kitchen on the Office Floor) STEAG Energy Service is running a Big Tetra Network in NRW Area of Germany. Because of good relationship the development of application is welcome by the Industry. Bring your own Radio Terminals to register into that Industry Tetra do Paket Data, Voice or AT Command related Tasks inside our own Test Office Office. Send your request to

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