TGR990 TEA Firmware Change TEA1 <-> TEA2 <->TEA3


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That formely Cleartone / Motorola Device was rebranded by EADS with some Modifications.

This Device is the only device where the Tetra Encryption Algorithm  is not hard coded into the Mainboard / Chips but into SW.

Compared to Cassidian with this Device its possible to change the TEA Type  by SW Upgrade.

TGR990 Device is rebranded from Motorolas / Cleartone with a bit modified Software.

The TGR990 has got a  mighty Configuration inside.  For the Basics it is same values. See the Configuration Video on the Service Page.

To change the TEA Level / Software on TGR990 Device some special Prodecures are needed to do this. That is why this Procedure is done by ourselves.

It is same to TMR880i Software Upgrade. If you dont know the Procedures and Errors  it is possible to destroy respectively make the device unusable.

After Arrival of the TGR990 the device is sent back two Business Days.


Send all your Cassidian Radio Terminals to us for an Upgrade.  On higher Amounts of Radio Terminals it is possible to provide a Discount.