THR880i / THR9i / TMR880i, TH1N Language Change + Firmware Upgrade for TEA1 / TEA2 / TEA3 Devices




In general A Cassidian / AIrbus RadioTTerminal has got three  Languages installed. These are stored inside the Radio Terminal in a Memory. and and can be changed by Flashing Equipment.

Send your Radio Terminals and Language can be changed to your Country

Terminal SW update / changing language
A = English, German, French
B = English, Hungarian
C = English, Chinese simplified PRC
D = English, Finnish, Swedish
E = English, Spanish, Italian
F = English, Arabic, French
G = English, Greek
H = English, Turkish
I = English, Chinese (Traditional) Hong Kong
J = English, Slovenia
K = English, Spanish, Catalan
L = English, Bulgarian
M = English, Russian
N = English, French, Dutch
O = English, French, German, Dutch
P = English, Korean
Q = English, Farsi
R = English, Brazilian Portuguese
S = English, Danish, Swedish
T = English, Chinese traditional TW
U = UK, English only
V = English, Estonian, Finnish
W = English, Norwegian, Swedish
X = English, Polish, German
Y = English, Czech, German
Z = English, Romanian
• Depending on terminal and SW version,these languages could be supported: