TMR880i All in One – Start(er) Kit

TMR880i All in One – Start(er) Kit




Power on  TMR880i Starter Set


Everything inside, everything connected. Power on and use the device with others. Buy one or more TMR880i and use it in dmo or tmo operation

1x TMR880i TEA1 with CUR-3 Display and Handspeaker

  • incl 1x  Configuration Cable CA-122 ( only one per customer)  – Worth 249,90 incl Transport)
  • incl. 4 weeks Access to free Configuration SW Portal  ( full Access to ITSI  and Tetra Programming Tool: Configure by your own)

Accessory for Reachability, GPS Coordinates Sending and good Antenna

  • 1x GPS Antenna
  • 1x Mini TETRA Flex Kathrein Antenna  380-430 MHz for TMR880i
  • 1x 230 V Power Lab Device Lavolta pre configured for run in 13,2V  as recommended. Pre tested . Take it out the Parcel and and use it immediately

For the Amateuers the Radio Terminals can be  pre configured for 2 x DMO Groups.


Follow the Power on Instruction:

-Power on the Lab Device

  • Then press the Power Button on the CUR-3 Display until the Currrent Level goes up to 0,4 A  until the display turns on. Then leave the Power button
  • Display Turns on and can be used, use MPR-1 Speaker to  push to talk