Configuration via TPT or ITSI or TAQTO: Configure your Device yourself

Use the Tetra Programming Tool or ITSI or TAQTO.

  • Requirement: Config Cable for Cassidian/EADS Radio Terminal (RT). Internet Access needed . Configuration Cables can be bought inside the Shop
  • After Setup is done you can start with Configuration of the Parameters. Check your SW Level with entering *#0000# on the Cassidian Radio Termninal. TPT supports up to end of RT SW Level 7. So if your Software Level is same or lower you can configure your device by remote. For SW Level higher or devices as like P8GR use our TAQTO Remote Service.

Prices for TPT/ITSI Tool (249,50 EUR) or TAQTO (299 UR). anytime Access per Month

Send Money by Paypal o request manual Invoice upfront. Activation starts immediately after Payment. Else send Time When you want to use it ( use Berlin Time)

After receival of the Payment you get the Download Credetials for TPT and ITSI Tool as well as Credentials for “Flexihub” respectively “Virtual Here” to use our TPT Security Dongle.

Payment to Paypal-Account: